2021 is going to be a good year for the UFC fighters because they are going to be equipped by some solid gear designed especially for professional fighters.

If you haven’t heard, Hotsuit and Everlast have teamed up to design athleisure wear that will enhance the MMA champions’ performances. 

But this collaboration also means that you, or any MMA enthusiast, will have access to what these professional fighters will wear. 

Yes, the main purpose of this collaboration is to promote fighting all around the world, enabling people to experience the appeal of MMA fighting.

You may be wondering what this collusion is actually bringing to the table, well you don’t have to wait any longer!

Hotsuit X Everlast is bringing you the ultimate Sauna Sweatsuit

Hotsuit has been the leading pioneer of using smart technology for designing their athleisure wear for many years.

They are most known for their Sauna Sweat Suits that will allow you to sweat more during your workouts.

These sauna suits are designed in such a unique way that they help you reach your desired results faster, while making sure that you stay as comfortable as possible. 

On the other hand Everlast is no new name in the UFC community. They are synonymous to MMA, and have been producing cutting edge gear and equipment for MMA fighters and boxers since the early 1900s. 

Everlast might ring a bell if you are a Jack Dempsey fan. He was wearing an exclusively designed Everlast helmet and gloves when he won the WBC boxing championship in 1986.

This time around, Hotsuit and Everlast have come together to bring something for the professional fighters community.

The design of the sauna suits have been kicked up a notch, by incorporating graphene that will double the rate of your sweating. 

The purpose of the sauna suits also targets weight cutting, so professional fighters can achieve the desired weight they want all the while toning their bodies. 

All that sweat that your body will be producing is not something that will deter you from working out. You will stay dry and comfortable, without worrying about any development of bacteria because graphene is inherently bacteriostatic.

These special UFC sauna suits also have a gorgeous honeycomb pattern all over, that will ensure that you get uniform heating throughout your body.

Rose Namajunas, also known as Thug Rose, is the product’s ambassador and she swears by it using it for every UFC fight. 

If you are a UFC enthusiast, you need these sauna suits in your life because they will be all the rage in 2021. 

Keep a look out on January 16th, when these one of a kind Sauna Sweat Suits will hit the online stores.

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