Head-To-Head Breakdown: Jones vs OSP

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Jones: Like many professional Mixed Martial Artists today, Jones’ high-school wrestling background has certainly helped him inside the octagon. At the Union-Endicott High School Jones attended in his hometown of New York, “Bones” was a standout wrestling prospect and even won a state title.

Jones’ unique frame and strength advantage have made him a so much more dominant wrestler over more experienced men, such as former olympian Daniel Cormier. Inside the cage Jon Jones is one of the most dangerous wrestlers in the sport,¬†and if you allow him to get on top of you you’re in for a long night.

St Preux: The former professional football player knows a thing or two about moving around a bigger man. As a wrestler, OSP amassed a record of 26-1 at the Florida High School he attended as well as a State Division 1A runner-up in his respective weight class.

Wrestling is not exactly OSP’s forte, as he mainly relies on his knockout power and jiu-jitsu once on the ground, however he has relatively good takedown defense as he has avoided 64% of opponents who have shot on him.

Result: 80-20 Jones

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