Hard Knocks: 10 Fighters That Define Toughness

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MMA: UFC 158-St.Pierre vs Diaz

Nick Diaz

Fight to Watch: Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi – Pride Fighting Championships 33

The Diaz brothers have a reputation for handling conflict in an ‘urban’ capacity of sorts, often trash talking opponents leading up to, and during, fights. Most fighters refrain from this type of behavior in the cage, but Nick Diaz ran towards it. Dating all the way back to his memorable bout with Robbie Lawler at UFC 47, Nick Diaz has egged on his opponents during bouts whilst absorbing their best shots – a feat that most fighters also don’t do, usually because they can’t.

Diaz’s brash style did not falter under pressure, as the Stockton native rose to the challenge when he was given the chance to take on then-Pride champion Takanori Gomi during one of Pride’s US events. Diaz absorbed Gomi’s best shots and kept coming forward, eventually tiring out the Japanese fighter, redirecting the momentum of the fight and securing a rare Gogoplata submission for the win. During the bout, Diaz sustained multiple cuts and a broken orbital bone.

Time and time again, Nick Diaz has proven what he means every time he says he’s a ‘real fighter’.