Hard Knocks: 10 Fighters That Define Toughness

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Igor Vovchanchyn

Fight to Watch: Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Mark Kerr – Pride Fighting Championships 7

To newer fans of the sport, Vovchanchyn’s name may not ring a bell, but his place in the early formation of Pride Fighting Championships was as important as any. His position as one of the best heavyweight strikers of his time was not only forged as a result of his crushing knockout power, or surprisingly nimble kicks – in fact, many of the Ukrainian’s best wins came as a result of his ability to endure.

One of the best examples of the ‘Ice Cold’ striker’s toughness comes in the form of a bout between him and Mark Kerr, which took place during Pride 7. Kerr was a heavy favorite to win the bout, and his size and strength were expected to carry him past Vovchanchyn. The Ukrainian had different plans however, as he withstood a lengthy ground and pound assault from the wrestler to win via knockout due to knees on the ground.

The bout was later ruled a no contest due to a miscommunication regarding the rules, but the fight still serves a great of example of the stout striker’s will to win.

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