Hard Knocks: 10 Fighters That Define Toughness

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Matt Brown

Fight to Watch: Matt Brown vs. Stephen Thompson – UFC 145

For those who don’t know, Matt Brown’s nickname ‘The Immortal’ comes from an experience he had as a former substance abuser in which he overdosed, and nearly died. That battle of mortality resonated with Brown and shines every time he steps into the cage, as the striker has become known as one of the most hard-nosed men to ever set foot in the octagon.

Brown, like others on this list, has a tremendous chin, but his pace and desire to break his opponents are what built his reputation. Brown’s fights with Johnny Hendricks or Robbie Lawler could be pointed to when asked for examples of his best work, but perhaps the most complete example of Brown’s mental endurance comes in the form of a 2012 bout with Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. Although the bout was only Thompson’s second in the UFC, his unblemished professional combat sports record would jar most men, especially considering the high esteem Thompson is held in today.

Matt Brown once again proved why he is cut from a different cloth as he withstood Thompson’s striking assault en route to a decision win in one of the most back and forth bouts in recent memory. The future for Matt Brown’s place in the welterweight title picture is currently unclear, but his place in MMA history was carved out long ago.

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