Goodnight! Top Five One-Punch Knockouts Of All-Time

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Anderson Silva ufc stats vs Forrest Griffin UFC 101 KO

2. Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin – UFC 101

Moving up from his usual home at 185 pounds, former long-time middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva challenged former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin at UFC 101 in August 2009.

Despite being a scrappy and tough veteran, Griffin proved to be no match for the man many consider to be amongst the greatest fighters of all-time.

Early on in the first round, “The Spider” quickly put his taunting, hands down antics on full display, making his opponent simply look like an amateur.

After knocking down the ex 205 pound boss numerous times, Silva would use his effortless head movement to draw Griffin in before landing a perfectly timed right hand as he was moving backwards that shut the lights off for Griffin.

All it took was one punch for the illustrious Brazilian to etch his name near the top of this list.

And then there was one….