Giorgio Petrosyan Confident He Can Beat Jo Nattawut Again

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Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan is taking on “Smokin” Jo Nattawut for the second time and wants to go two-for-two. The two tango in the semi-finals of the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix at ONE: DREAMS OF GOLD this Friday, 16 August at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

Despite his previous victory over the Bangkok Boxing representative, the Italian warrior won’t leave anything to chance as he is aware of the progress his opponent has made in between their bouts. Petrosyan remains unfazed and confident that he will be unstoppable in his pursuit of a spot in the final round of the tournament.

“I know my opponent all too well, as I defeated him the first time around,” Petrosyan says.

“Following our bout, he has clearly gotten better because [he has won] four more bouts. Then again, I don’t think he has gotten that much better in a year and a half.”

“The Doctor” is hot off a victory over Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy just last month. He plans to put forth yet another impressive performance but wants a more decisive win against Nattawut.

“I changed my game plan [against Petchmorakot], and I was less aggressive. I played more of a waiting game, my legs did much of the work, and that’s how I won that bout,” he explains.

“Of course, when a rematch is coming up, my training regimen is just the same. Then again, I mix up my game plan, because I suppose my opponent will be mixing up his own game plan.”

“My strategy will be different, and we will see in the ring what he is capable of.”

Petrosyan respects Nattawut’s striking power and technical skills most especially after witnessing his most recent outings against Yohann Fairtex Drai and Sasha Moisa. Though he was able to beat Nattawut before, Petrosyan won’t underestimate his opponent’s tenacity and fortitude and expects nothing but the best from “Smokin’ Jo”.

“In my first bout against Smokin Jo,’ I was very aggressive right off the bat. I was on the offensive for all three rounds, I tried to land hard shots, and that was my game plan,” he explains.

“I remember his leg work being very powerful. He is an all-around opponent, who is good at throwing punches, kicking and kneeing, so I will need to be alert to all of that.”

“He is a very powerful opponent, and he is quick with his legs. I am also powerful, so I am not sure which of us is the most powerful. We are going to find out in the ring.”

The Armenian-Italian striker’s top priority is putting on a bulletproof performance against Nattawut and winning what could potentially be Bout of the Year to earn himself a shot at the US$1 million for the overall winner of the tournament.

“Anything can happen in the ring, so the favorites may not always be a sure bet to win – just like we saw with Yodsanklai and Sana,” he concludes.

“I would rather focus on the bout than on the $1 million. I’m only focused on my opponent for the time being, and the winner will be heading to the finals.”

“I know that he will have prepared very well for this. I too am preparing well for this bout, and I am sure it will be a war.”

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