Former World Boxing Champ Saves Baby From Car Wreck

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You know the old adage that professional athletes are considered by many people to be heroes and role models?

Well, boxing champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley just gave that notion a dose of credibility.

On Sunday night (May 1, 2016) Mosley was moseying (couldn’t help myself) down the 405 in Los Angeles with his family in tow, when they witnessed firsthand a massive four car pileup just feet away from their own vehicle.

Luckily for the unconscious man who Mosley spotted in one of the cars involved, “Sugar Shane” had very sharply honed his reactionary instincts over his 20-plus year, three-division world title-winning career, and sprinted immediately over to the man’s severely damaged vehicle.

Noticing that a baby was trapped in a car seat, Mosley sprung to action, carefully removing the baby from the wreck and waiting for paramedics to arrive on the scene and escort them to the hospital:

“You don’t know if the car is going to catch fire, what’s going to happen, then seeing there’s a baby in therehe [the baby] was crying and bleeding, his neck was bruised.”

Mosley and his girlfriend then followed the man and his baby to a nearby hospital to make sure that everything was OK, and thankfully all was well, save for a few minor injuries.

“He [the father] was crying and saying, ‘you guys are like an angel, and thank you for helping me. And being there for me and protecting my son’”.

Then, staying true to his reputation as one of the true class acts in boxing, “Sugar” gave the man two tickets to his upcoming May 28 fight against David Avanesyan in Arizona; a fairytale ending to a nightmare situation.