Five Reasons Max Holloway Should Be A Much Bigger Star


Credit: Jake Roth USA Today Sports


In today’s day and age, fighters have been criticized for chasing money fights and attempting to avoid top contenders.

Holloway, however, doesn’t fit that mold. In fact, the featherweight champion, often questioned about a potential rematch with McGregor, is focused solely on fighting the top contenders at 145 pounds despite the fact that he’s come dangerously close to cleaning out the division.

Not only is he interested in fighting contender after contender, but “Blessed” has also given off the notion that he’s willing to take on any contender at any time.

Originally set to take on Frankie Edgar at UFC 218, Holloway needed a new opponent after Edgar was forced to withdraw with an injury. Instead of complaining or requesting an opponent, however, Holloway simply said “it is what it is” and told the UFC to call him when a contract was ready.

With an attitude like this, Holloway has proven himself one of the, if not the, best young fighters in the UFC.