Five Reasons Max Holloway Should Be A Much Bigger Star


Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports



Not only has Holloway been dominant, but I’d argue that he’s transformed into one of the most exciting fighters on the UFC roster as well.

He’s rounded out his style and isn’t afraid to take risks inside of the Octagon, which not only makes his fights more entertaining but also gives him the opportunity to find the finish more often than not.

Throughout his UFC career, Holloway has scored 10 finishes with eight coming by way of T/KO and two by submission. Throughout his current win streak alone, the Hawaiian has finished nine of his opponents with his last three victories coming by way of stoppage as well.

When he enters the cage, Holloway is a vicious predator with some of the best killer instinct in the sport. If you’re a fight fan, he’s exactly the type of fighter you should have your eyes on.