Five Reasons Ronda Rousey Should Not Return To The Octagon

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3) Financial Stability

At the end of the day, professional fighters compete to make green paper with old men in white wigs on it. They may respect the sport of MMA, encompass the true warrior spirit, and love punching another human being in the skull, but they’re called professionals for a reason.

Luckily for Rousey, she has collected enough funny paper throughout her three-year UFC career to call it quits and never have to work another day in her life (even though she has multiple avenues outside of fighting to do so). She may not drive around in fancy cars like Irishman Conor McGregor or wear expensive suits like he does, but she has a bank account as gaudy as the brash featherweight champ.

While there is a ton of money left on the table for Rousey’s taking if she decides to return to the cage, there may be a voice in her head screaming, “You already have enough, you just have to walk away.”

Because at the end of the day, aside from the love for the sport, why would a fighter want to compete if the money is already had?

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