Five Reasons Ronda Rousey Should Not Return To The Octagon

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4) Tate Overload

Forget about a rematch with Holm. The only match-up to make for a Rousey return is to throw her right back into a title fight. That’s where the money is, that’s where the fans will flock, and that’s the quickest way for her to save face.

But there is a problem with that scenario. Even if Rousey decides to return to the UFC, there is a good chance that Miesha Tate is still champion by the time that happens (“Cupcake” will defend her belt for the first time at UFC 200 opposite Amanda Nunes). And considering Rousey has already beaten Tate twice throughout her career, there isn’t much motivation for a trilogy fight.

The UFC will try to spin it there way in order to create buzz for a third installment, but we’ve seen Tate bring her best to the cage and get smashed by “Rowdy.” Her wrestling and power striking may have gotten slightly better, but the champion is simply not equipped to beat Rousey.

There just isn’t much appeal for Rousey to fight her nemesis again at this point in her career.

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