Five Reasons Ronda Rousey Should Not Return To The Octagon

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5) Recovery

The most obvious of all reasons as to why Rousey should not make another journey back to the Octagon is simply based on the damage she absorbed opposite Holm.

Like so many elite champions before her, such as Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva, getting put to sleep often leaves a psyche changed forever. And if it doesn’t effect a fighter mentally, it most certainly effects them physically.

For Rousey, her defeat to Holm was a wakeup call. She is not as good a striker as she was built up to be, and her ability to push through adversity is not ironclad. She also felt what it was like to be helpless inside of the cage for the very first time.

While the former titleholder could come back and reclaim her belt and nobody would bat an eye, she could also return as a shell of her former self. A fighter who can no longer do the things that once made her invincible is not one that should be setting foot into the Octagon to face the top women’s bantamweight fighters in the world.

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