Five Reasons Nate Diaz’ Shtick Is Growing Old


Recently, the MMA universe has been entranced with the rumors that lightweight fan favorite Nate Diaz is finally returning from his self-imposed hiatus that’s approaching two years without a fight.

Diaz was linked to a bout with UFC legend Georges St-Pierre – at lightweight of all places – a fight that didn’t make much sense on paper but would have brought both eyeballs and dollar signs to August 4’s UFC 227 from Los Angeles nonetheless.

But Diaz, as he’s done with every single potentially huge match-up throw his way in the last two years, unceremoniously shot it down this weekend, stating that he wouldn’t fight St-Pierre because of some supposed shady business that went down when “GSP” fought his brother Nick in 2013.

Diaz claims he’s ‘interested in doing something’ but ‘nobody interests him,’ creating a scene where he appears to be waiting for the singular opponent who boosted his otherwise middling star power into the stratosphere with their record-setting, now-historic rivalry in 2016. However, while he waits for that elusive trilogy match, his shtick is simply growing tired as he calls out an entire division on Twitter and refuses to take huge fights most fighters wait their entire careers for by calling them ‘uninteresting.’

We broke down five reasons why Diaz’ teasing, entitled act is growing old. Check them out:

5.) He’s Calling Out Active Fighters While Refusing To Fight:

Diaz claims he wants to fight, going so far as to tease a comeback in ‘May or June’ earlier this year.

When that predictably didn’t materialize, Diaz got back on social media, the place where he’s been throwing all his blows as of late, to poke fun at Tony Ferguson for withdrawing from his main event versus Khabib Nurmagomedov at April 7’s UFC 223 due to a serious knee injury.

Diaz said Ferguson ‘couldn’t even make it to war,’ to which Ferguson clapped back that Diaz would first need to sign up to fight.

Like him or not, ‘El Cucuy’ has a point there, as it’s simply hypocritical that Diaz would call out a fighter looking to compete for a title for getting hurt while he sits on the sidelines doing nothing. He wants a big fight – or so he claims – but at this point, the fights with St-Pierre, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, Ferguson, and former lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez have all been discussed or offered and he’s admittedly turned them down.

That’s why it’s hypocritical to call out the fighters who are actually focused on competing, and it’s growing old if it hasn’t been for months already.