Five Incredible Fights To Be Thankful For In 2015

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A moment in time: Conor McGregor's dramatic TKO of Chad Mendes at ...

5.) Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes – UFC 189:

There isn’t another bout that could kick off this list as effectively, as this mid-summer spectacle came together just weeks before McGregor was scheduled to face heated rival Jose Aldo for the belt. But when the longtime champ was forced out of the scrap with a rib injury, Mendes filled on short notice and did rather admirably given the circumstances.

Using his wrestling to take McGregor down as expected, ”Money” was dominating position despite eating some absolutely hellacious body shots early on. However, McGregor weathered the storm effectively, getting up to plaster Mendes with an absolutely vicious straight left to finish the fight with follow-up shots at the end of the second round. An epic interim title fight that defined the UFC’s summer, and quite possibly its buzzing featherweight division for some time to come.