Six UFC Career-Changing Left Hooks

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Silva vs. WeidmanChris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

When a fight fan thinks of memorable career-altering events occurring to specific fighters, most begin to skim their mental index from the top down – in other words: they start with the most prominent, successful fighting careers first, then work their way down. At the top of any sane human’s list should be the career of Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva.

Silva reigned for roughly seven years at the top of the middleweight division, garnering a UFC record 10 title defenses while also moving up and snatching wins at light heavyweight. Silva’s highlight reel is something most fighters could only fathom, but for the Spider, each knockout was just another day at the office. What happened, you ask?

Well, if you were caught up in a game of Clue on the night of UFC 162, you would have eventually found out that the culprit was none other than Chris Weidman, with a left hook, in theOoctagon.

The punch in question occurred during a patented Silva clowning session, ironically playing as though he was dizzied by earlier strikes. The hook dropped Silva, along with the hopes and dreams of every Brazilian fan in the arena that night, putting an end to ‘The Michael Jordan of MMA’s championship reign.

Following the first round thumping of the champ, the undefeated Weidman went on to defend his title three more times, once against Silva, before surrendering his belt to Luke Rockhold last December. Weidman recently underwent successful neck surgery, although his next fight has yet to be announced.

Silva’s career, meanwhile, has never quite been the same. Following the humiliating loss, Silva endured a freak leg injury in his rematch against Weidman. Following a year-long layoff, the Brazilian came back to take on Nick Diaz, in a win that was ultimately overturned for failed drugs tests on both sides. After the Diaz bout, Silva lost a decision to future champion Michael Bisping. Silva is expected to face Uriah Hall in a re-booking of a bout that was supposed to take place at UFC 198, but no date has been announced.

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