Six UFC Career-Changing Left Hooks

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30-en.susumug_crop_northJens Pulver vs. John Lewis

Jens ‘Lil Evil’ Pulver, a man who’s nick name was given to him by his Miletich Fighting Systems stablemates as a reference to the big punching power he managed to pack in a ‘lil’ frame, was the UFC’s first lightweight champion. For evidence of Pulver’s punching power, look no further than UFC 28 in his title defense against John Lewis. The fight ended in under a minute, and followed with more than just a post fight Pulver celebration – it also marked the last fight in Lewis’ career.

John Lewis, a former Jiu Jitsu coach at ‘The Pit’ and Chuck Liddell teammate sported a unique 3-3-3 record heading into the fight with then-champion, Pulver. Although the Miletich fighter was the favorite, many believed Lewis’ size and grappling ability would give the smaller fighter problems. No problems were had, however, as the win was one of the quickest in UFC title history and the only time a UFC champion has ever knocked an opponent directly into retirement.

Following the win, Pulver went on to defend his title three more times before parting ways with the promotion. Following his exodus from the UFC, he found mixed success in various promotions before returning to the promotion in 2006. ‘Lil Evil’ , unfortunately, never quite made it back to championship form. Pulver’s last bout was in 2013 and has since retired from the sport.

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