Five Biggest Takeaways From UFC 225

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1. Robert Whittaker Is Simply The Best Middleweight In The UFC

Whittaker proved once again that he is the best UFC middleweight around by defeating human wrecking ball Yoel Romero in the night’s main event.

The reason this is such a big takeaway is Whittaker hasn’t really been acknowledged as the UFC middleweight champion. There was Michael Bisping’s improbable championship run. Then he lost the belt to Georges St. Pierre, who immediately gave up the title.

All the while, Whittaker was “interim” champion, and hardly ever discussed as the best middleweight in the division.

Despite the fight being very competitive, Whittaker beat Romero for the second time and is now the literal and actual UFC middleweight champion.

And the acknowledgment is long overdue.