EDITORIAL – Most Interesting Fights of 2020

Weili Zhang

Watching two humans in the ring fight their way by boxing each other to the ground is interesting. Right from the sidesteps and snap back to avoid an incoming blow or the amount of strength they use to block one. It raises your emotions, making you feel sympathy for an opponent who seems to lose the game.

2020 has had the most interesting fights one, which you cannot miss to enjoy reading. Here are some of the details you missed in the match. 

The Fight of the Night 

There is nothing better than earning extra bonuses after participating in a fight. It is not just any fight, but the Fight of the Night. To obtain this, you have to go out of the comfort zone and impress the live audience and those watching online.  

The normal swaying of your hips to sides or ducking down to evade a punch does not help you earn the bonus. Unless you introduce some tactics while at it, those that no one has ever done, then you are sure to earn the bonus. Winning multiple times makes you a FOTN king of heavyweights, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, and lightweight.

At times there are two best evening performances identified by the Octagon combat merits. In this case, each of the fights receives an equal share for their outstanding performance. The money is worth their trouble and one to yearn to earn in the next match. 

The amount awarded depends on the type of organization participating and the kind of events. Huge events have more sponsors that contribute to a large amount of money, unlike small events. Some fighters receive much for the FOTN bonus compared to their base pay. This can make an interesting subject to write an essay on or an article for your academics. To make it the best and exactly as you planned it out, use EDUbirdie services for academic writing. Be it an essay on some specific topic or in-depth thesis or dissertation work, highly trained and qualified writers can do the work for you in a quick time and at affordable prices.

Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

You never expect less for fighters who have been in the game for over thirty years. Zhang and Joanna created history in women’s MMA on Las Vegan grounds. The five-round period of constant fighting and testing each other’s patience soon came to a winning halt for both players.

The game is unique because Zhang could not stand to lose her UFC strawweight championship. Joanna’s move to land a hard right hand upstairs was the beginning of her fall. She never calculated her punches the right way. It made Zhang do what she does best.

The ladies fought at the fence, with Zhang cornering her opponent with her right hand forcing her to retreat. Joanna made it hard for Zhang in the third round but even harder to settle for the winner at that stage. It prompted them to move to the fourth round and the final one.

Here, the battle seemed to have begun afresh, with each fighter proving to be more energetic. Each one of them threw constant blows to the other at any chance they had, while the other retreated to punches or spinning backfists. The game was crowned TFOTN, ending with Zhang scoring 47-48 equivalent to a climb of 21-1 and the Pole a fall of 16-4.

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Weili Zhang worried about plastic sugery causing weight miss Joanna Jedrzecyck

Dustin Poirier vs. Dan Hooker

The two are yet another experienced lot of fighters who charmed the audience and judges in the UFC fight in Las Vegas. The American and New Zeelander respectively fought as if their lives depended on the matchmaking them win the FOTN under the lightweight bonus category.

It was fire right from the beginning to the very end of the game, with Hooker firing constant kicks. Poirier swayed his hips to evade and fired punches in an attempt to blow him down in vain. They ended up on the fence before going back to the center of the ring in the second round.

Poirier was good at throwing hard blows at Hooker that made his nosebleed out and eyes sore. But Hooker reacted with multiple kicks, better than those in the first round while throwing punches. It was too much that the referee had to blow the horn and give Poirier a break.

But Prior’s victory was short-lived once again in the fifth time where Hooker made a grand win through a takedown. The New Zealander won with a fell of 20-9 while the American lost a 26-6 climb. Poirier ranked third with a score of 48-46.

Poirier Dan Hooker

Josh Emmett vs. Shane Burgos

There was no doubt that it would be TFOTN because of the wits used by the two fighters that lasted for three rounds. It was an epic moment at the Apex and one filled with constant rumbles and bouts that made the two go home with a substantial amount of money. 

The game was like the rise of world war with Emmet blowing random punches and Burgos ducking to save his face from disaster. When the going was too hard, Burgos began reacting by kicking the sides of his opponent as hard as he could. It created a series of warfare that hurt Emmet’s left knee and picked up in the second round.

At this time, nothing much occurred because Burgos had full control over Emmet’s inability to move freely. But he opted to receive the blows without any reaction. It was a strategy to come back stronger and better in the final round. 

Burgos kept on kicking hard while Emmet stood his ground to throw massive blows. Emmet let down Burgos in a short left hand twice in a single round before ranking 8th and Burgos 10th after the final whistle blew.


Fights inspire creativity with the many tactics that help fighters win a game. The Fight of the Night rewards such fighters. It is in an attempt to motivate them to increase their creativity in the ring. The above fighters made 2020 their year, with each receiving bonuses for their work well done. Watch them once more online and see how they made the industry great in their unique ways.