Dana White’s Son To Box In Planned Amateur Event From UFC Apex

Dana White's son
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UFC President Dana White is serious about getting into the boxing game.

White has teased some big news coming for Zuffa Boxing, as he plans on getting into the boxing promotion game in the near future. Speaking at a media scrum yesterday (Tues. June 19, 2019) ahead of the Tuesday Night Contender Series, White revealed he plans on putting on an amateur boxing show from the new UFC Apex. He noted that his son will compete on the card as well:

“I’m working on an amateur fight right now,” White admitted. “I’m gonna do an amateur boxing event here in the next couple of months. Workout out all the details right now, and gonna try and bring in some of the best amateur fighters in the world, and my son. Yeah, my son has been boxing. But he’s gonna fight. He fought last year in Boston and he’s gonna fight here at the Apex this summer.”

When asked how he feels, as a parent, about his son boxing, the UFC boss said he loves it and encourages his children to do what they love:

“I love it,” White said. “Listen, anybody that’s ever been involved in fighting will tell you all the great things that it’s done for you. There’s some very sad stories in the fight game too, but there’s sad stories in every game. There’s sad stories in baseball, there’s sad stories in football, but I would never deny my kids what they love to do.

“My oldest son loves to play football. What’s more dangerous than football? Nothing. Football is crazy dangerous. But he loves it. He’s passionate about it. It gets him out of bed in the morning, man. And that’s what life is really all about.”

White was then asked why he thinks his son chose to box as opposed to competing in mixed martial arts (MMA), the sport he himself promotes better than anyone else in the world. He responded by noting he will support his children in anything they do, and won’t push something on them just because he himself likes it:

“I don’t know, but I’m not that dad,” White said. “Listen, if they told me they wanted to finger paint, I’m supporting them. I’m behind them and I’m being the biggest finger painting fan every. So, it’s totally up to them, I’m just here to support.”

As for the amateur boxing event as a whole and White’s goal for the show at the Apex, White wants to give the best amateur prospects in the world a platform to showcase their skills. Ideally, the show would air on Fight Pass and give the athletes more exposure than they’ve ever had in their careers:

“I think that right now, where my head is, I want to be the guy that showcases the talent,” White said. “I want to bring these talented guys – in a perfect world, not saying that I can pull this off, we bring in all the top guys in the country, put on some fights with them, I promote it, I air it on Fight Pass, and get these guys more exposure than they’ve ever had.”

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