Conor Calls Out Floyd: Sign Your End Or You’re Just A Mouth

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Although it may not be the first choice among MMA fans for Conor McGregor’s next bout, the infamous Irishman appears to be on a set course for his long-rumored boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Word recently arrived from UFC President Dana White that McGregor had signed off on his end of the deal and talks were progressing towards negotiating with Mayweather and his management, something that we may not be exactly sure what truly entails and could certainly take a ton more time to officially get sorted out.

The legendary Mayweather is notoriously tough to negotiate with, as his oft-discussed bout with Manny Pacquiao was bickered over for years before it finally happened in 2015 when both fighters were out of their true athletic primes and the resulting product left much to be desired. Indeed Mayweather always wants all of the specifics to be in his favor whenever he signs on for a high-profile bout, but at this point in time, McGregor may actually be the bigger star than the 40-year-old “Money.”

Things could still move at a snail’s pace, so McGregor challenged Mayweather to get moving and sign his end of the bargain in a post to his official Instagram account today:

Solid work today. Sign your end Floyd or you are just a mouth.

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It’s a hardline stance from McGregor, who understandably wants the rumored nine-figure payday that comes with boxing arguably the greatest boxer of all-time in the undefeated Mayweather. For the UFC and MMA as a whole, it may not be as great, however, if the sport’s biggest star was thoroughly demolished by a boxing great who is out of his prime as most are predicting will happen.

There’s also the issue of the talented lightweight division currently being on hold and being held up for much longer if McGregor doesn’t defend his championship inside the octagon this year. Those issues probably don’t matter to McGregor, but they certainly could become detrimental to the promotion as a whole in the coming months.

The UFC is kind of hamstrung by their need for big-name fights, so they have to roll with McGregor vs. Mayweather as it’s clearly their best chance for a huge payday during a down year in 2017. If that’s a good thing for MMA remains to be seen.

First things first, though, and Mayweather obviously has to maneuver his way through the negotiations in order to actually make it to the fight, something that could realistically be many months away if it ever happens. Do you believe the always-choosy Mayweather is close to signing on to fight McGregor, or is the build-up simply reaching an all-time high without much to show for it?