Breaking Down Mark Hunt’s Monster KO Against Frank Mir

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So how did Hunt get the job done? It was all in the jab, or lack thereof should we say. As we’ve seen most of ‘The Super Samoan’s’ fights, he likes to bring his opponent’s head in to striking range by faking with the jab. Feints are a very effective way of the shorter fighter forcing the taller opponent to either bring their head in to a vulnerable and lower position, and/or break down their guard. In the case of Frank Mir it was both.

Beautiful technique indeed. Hunt slid forward ever so slightly one the back of the third jab feint, as Mir ducked down for the second time in the three punch fake, ‘The Super Samoan’ had Mir’s head at his own eye level. He uncorks a right hand in ideal range with full power, and Mir is done. For those of you not favored by the UFC’s youtube nationalism, here’s an image that breaks down the finish:


So Mir’s stubborn nature and want to test himself against the far better striker has led to him getting KTFO, and possibly in the most spectacular style thus far. Thanks for reading.

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