Bob Arum Wants Two-Fight Deal For Conor McGregor vs. Terence Crawford

Bob Arum
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Conor McGregor has made it clear that he wants to box again. However, who would be his opponent in such a contest?

Of course, there’s always the possibility of rematching Floyd Mayweather, a fight “Money” himself has shown interest in recently. McGregor has noted he truly believes, with a few corrections, he’ll do the unthinkable and hand Mayweather his first-ever career loss. There have also been rumblings that McGregor could face another boxing legend in Manny Pacquiao.

With that being said, McGregor has noted that he’d like to win a world title in boxing. One way to do that is by challenging current WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford. It sounds like the Crawford camp is down for the idea as well. Speaking to ESPN, promoter Bob Arum suggested a two-fight deal between McGregor and Crawford. One fight taking place under mixed martial arts (MMA) rules, the next in boxing.

“You’ve got an elite boxer in Terence Crawford fighting an elite MMA guy in Conor McGregor under MMA rules,” Arum said. “You don’t think that would be interesting and something the public would want to see? I think it’s very realistic.”

Arum also revealed that there have been discussions between both sides, however, he did not specify as to who was involved in those negotiations.

“Whenever they are ready we are ready,” Arum said. “We’d do the MMA fight first if that’s what they want.”

Crawford, who has a wrestling background, was asked about his interest in such a deal, to which “Bud” admitted he’s down to fight the Irishman in the boxing ring, or the Octagon.

“I’m a fighter first. As a fighter I would entertain it,” Crawford said. “I just have to have the proper time to prepare myself. It would be a little more than boxing training. I haven’t been in that (wrestling) environment in a long time, but most definitely I feel I can compete with anyone given the proper time to train on the MMA side being that I have a wrestling background.

“McGregor would have to worry about my standup game as well. It would be interesting. He’s got good kicks and he’s strong. I’d have to prepare myself for those things but I feel I would be alright.”

Arum also noted that it would be beneficial for McGregor to fight Crawford because he’d make a ton of money returning to the boxing ring – despite noting that the Irishman would have zero chance against Crawford in the squared circle. However, he does give Crawford a shot to beat McGregor inside the Octagon due to the WBO champion’s wrestling background.

“Fighting Crawford would be great for McGregor because he has no chance in a boxing match except to pick up a check,” Arum said. “In an MMA match he would be the favorite, but Crawford would have a chance because he’s one tough dude and because he has a wrestling background.

“I think that Crawford is the one boxer that can compete with an elite MMA guy under MMA rules. We’d do two fights so we can level the playing field by fighting in both disciplines. Mayweather and Pacquiao would never fight under MMA rules. Crawford would.”

Crawford competed in wrestling in middle school and explained he still dabbles in it when he’s not preparing for a boxing match. He notes that wrestling runs in his family as well.

“I always had the talent for wrestling but I liked to throw my hands. I liked punching people in the face more than hugging them,” Crawford said. “My dad was a wrestler, my uncle and my grandfather wrestled, and they were always teaching me the moves. I just liked boxing more.

“A lot of people may say if Terence goes into the Octagon he will get crushed but they don’t know me.”

Do you want to see a two-fight crossover deal with McGregor and Crawford?