Bare Knuckle FC Reportedly Preparing ‘Mega-Money’ Offer For Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor
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It looks like UFC super-personality Conor McGregor will have another big boxing offer heading his way.

talkSport’s Michael Benson reports that Paulie Malignaggi, who recently signed with Bare Knuckle FC (BKFC), told him the promotion is preparing a “mega-money” offer for Conor McGregor. Malignaggi wants to settle his differences with McGregor in a bare knuckle boxing fight:

“Told by Paulie Malignaggi that the BKFC are preparing a mega money offer to Conor McGregor for a bare-knuckle boxing match with him.

“He insists they have more money than people think and also confirmed it’s possible he could make his June debut against Artem Lobov.”

McGregor’s longtime training partner and friend, Artem Lobov, is gearing up for his BKFC debut. He’ll face fellow former UFC featherweight Jason Knight. If he emerges victorious, this could set up a fight between Lobov and Malignaggi. The former boxing champion hopes to lure McGregor into a fight with him a some point down the line.

Speaking to Fight Sports’ Matt Ryan recently, Malignaggi said he believes BKFC can match the numbers that McGregor is making to fight in the UFC:

“I think the only kind of fight that he can’t be matched (financially) is his fight with (Floyd) Mayweather,” Malignaggi said. “I think we’ll be able to make him an offer the he didn’t even make for the Khabib fight.

“Let’s be honest, his base for the Khabib fight was only $3 million… but BKFC can match those numbers and make it worthwhile for him. Then in the end, it’ll have to be worthwhile in that does he want to take an embarrassing defeat and catch a beating from me.”

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