A true sports fan loves to place bets on his favorite. It just makes the event that much more exciting and thrilling. Even when visiting a casino, the adrenaline involuntarily rises, because in addition to the fun and thrill, there is always the possibility of raking in the big win. Perhaps that succeeds with a visit to CasinoSource.ca, also in the combat haven are gladly locked bets, that recognized also the providers for a long time. But which martial arts are particularly popular here?

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts: the most brutal combat sport in the world

The reason for the alleged brutality is that here actually everything is allowed to defeat the opponent. Here, as many fighting styles as possible are united in a full-contact sport. At the same time, there are hardly any restrictions in terms of rules to follow. Here you can punch, kick, throw, clinch and even headbutts are allowed. This also applies to ground fighting, where punching and kicking are also allowed. Predominantly, the punching and kicking techniques originate from

●      Taekwondo

●      Muay Thai

●      Boxing

●      Kickboxing

●      Karate

The fighting techniques for wrestling and ground fighting, on the other hand, originate for the most part from

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●      Judo

●      Wrestling

●      Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

●      Sambo

Rules and techniques

In the UFC, fighters are divided into ten different weight classes. The women fight from strawweight to featherweight. The men start at flyweight and range up to heavyweight. But there is also a super heavyweight. However, no fights are currently taking place here.

●  In the strawweight or strawweight is fought up to 52.15 kg

●      In flyweight between 52,15 and 57 kg

●      Bantamweight between 57 and 61 kg

●      In featherweight between 61 and 66 kg

●      Lightweight between 66 and 70 kg

●      Welterweight between 70 and 77 kg

●      Middleweight between 77 and 84 kg

●      Light heavyweight between 84 and 93 kg

●      Heavyweight between 93 and 120 kg

●      In super heavyweight over 120 kg

A fight consists of 3 rounds. Each round lasts 5 minutes. A break of one minute between each round also takes place. If it is about title fights, they last 5 rounds. There are different scenarios. Either the fight ends when the opponent gives up, gets knocked out, or the referee has to intervene and stops the fight. Also possible is a win on points; and also a draw is possible.

Possible bets in UFC

Since UFC betting is extremely versatile, there is a huge selection offered here. The 1×2 bet is clearly the focus for many fans, if only because the fight usually ends with a clear winner. Just like in boxing, the draw is rather rare. There are even betting providers who even offer live betting for many international fights. You can first watch the initial phase of a fight and only then place a bet. Of course, this has the advantage that you can first get an idea of how the fight will possibly end.

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The most popular bets

Below we present some bets in more detail.

1×2 bet – the classic

UFC is very similar to boxing when it comes to betting. Thus, the options here are also very similar. That’s why there are match bets 1×2 here as well. Here you have to predict specifically who will emerge as the winner of the fight in the end. Here it is completely irrelevant over how many rounds the fight went or how it came to the decision.

The 2-way bets without a draw

Here, too, everything revolves around betting on the right winner. The main difference in this bet is that there is no draw here. In this market, the odds are slightly lower than it is the case with the 1×2 bet.

Duration of the fight

Here you can bet on how many rounds the fight will go. In many MMA fights, this is another very popular bet. Here, the bet is then placed by betting on what distance the fight will ultimately go. This is also called over/under betting. For example, a bet wins here if the fight went beyond a certain number of rounds or is stopped by a knockout before reaching the chosen line. From experience, these bets are a very good alternative to the classic 1×2 bets.

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MMA round bets

As the name suggests, round betting allows you to place a bet on which fighter will win the next round. Excellent UFC betting providers usually offer the possibility to place a live bet. Since you can take the courses of the fight at first in peace, you have very good chances of placing a successful bet.

Moreover, there is also the possibility to place a bet on whether a fight will end by a knockout in the next round.

The way the fight ends

Again, there are many options to choose from when it comes to UFC betting. Different fight outcomes are possible. You can bet on whether the fight will end by a classic knockout. A fighter is knocked out and cannot continue the fight. An alternative is the possibility to bet on a technical knockout. Here the fighter is usually still on his feet, but the referee is of the opinion that the fight can no longer continue. Another option is to bet on the fight going the full distance and being decided by points.

MMA Head-to-Head betting

Here, many options can be compared between two fights. These include for example:

●  Betting on the winner of the fight

●      The number of hits

●      The points awarded

Here, for example, an interesting option is to compare two fighters who do not meet directly. For example, you can bet on whether fighter A will land more hits in his fight or whether fighter B will be more successful.