Best MMA Themed Online Slots

Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Martial arts is a sport that has been advertised and portrayed within movies, cartoons and for that very reason, it has managed to cultivate quite the community of fans who want nothing more than to be able to game with that genre, and hone in on their love for their sport. Nowadays we are privileged to be able to play online slots games that have different themes like sports, film, music etc.  and of course, MMA themed slots are a little niche within the iGaming market.

While slot games are their own kind of game, and different to video gaming storylines, the excitement and enthusiasm for MMA will still be sufficient and fulfilled when you play it. You’ll still be able to follow the generic themes of your favourite MMA based movies, using the main characters as symbols and so on. So, while they are online slot games, you get to hit closer to home, in terms of what you are passionate about. Continue reading to find out the MMA themed slot games that you never knew about until today!

Bruce Lee

If you are an MMA fan, you are most certainly aware of the fighter and legend that is Bruce Lee. The slot is a classical video slot, meaning it comes with 5-reels and in total you have 60 paylines, meaning 60 ways to win. The symbols that the game features include Buddhist inspired symbols, from scrolls to nun chucks. There are also special features that you can roll with when you play, with the scatter feature and two wild symbols that possess different features that add to your gameplay. The wilds obviously need to mimic the face of Bruce Lee himself, as it would not be a Bruce Lee slot game in the end, would it? 

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The free spins feature integrated in the game can massively multiply your wins when you least expect them too. Acting as a branch to extend your possibilities, many that have managed to land it on their reels have walked away with a handsome sum. So, you will be hoping for the special treasure chest symbol to come your way at some point within your gaming session.

Paws of Fury 

This slot machine brings to you an oriental based slot that took its inspiration for the King Fu Panda series. While it cannot be actually called after the major cartoon due to licensing issues, you will not really recognise any difference to the movies, if we are really honest. The game itself is the perfect gaming opportunity, for some winning jackpots. The game itself has a 500x your stake winning potential, should you manage to land 3 or more scatter symbols, your payout will be multiplied massively. Should you get the maximum of 5 scatter symbols, your stake will be multiplied by the maximum multiplier value.  

The backdrop of the slot game is the Panda king himself, and you will probably chuckle to yourself as you see him doing his Kung Fu moves, as if you are trying to win a huge jackpot for yourself. Whenever you manage to make some huge money-making combinations, the panda will celebrate your success with routines on your backdrop, so make sure you catch that moment and witness the amazing martial arts!

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Karate Kid 

While there are many editions of the Karate Kid movies, the first ever slot machine based around the franchise was only released in 2019. The game focuses on the earlier releases of the moves, going back a few decades ago. While the movies may be old, the slot game most certainly is not that. You will find there are 10,000 paylines in total that you can play, and with a progressive jackpot that is ticking away by the second, you may find yourself one of the lucky few, who actually can walk away with luck on their side. 

The progressive jackpot is activated through a bonus round and feature within the gameplay, so if you manage to get into that feature, you are even closer to the dream of walking away with a jackpot. While it has taken over 35 years to actually manifest and make Karate Kid a reality within the slot world, it’s been a long time coming and we are all certainly here for it! You will be of the many that will probably play this over, and over again and it will probably be a favourite of yours for the foreseeable.

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Ninja Ways 

Get your Ninja sword at the ready, because this slot game brings the arts of the Ninja warrior to your command. Red Tiger Gaming have been making many slot games lately, that just click with the audience that are playing and the reason is, they are just so damn good as hitting it right when it comes to graphics, storyline and the intricate features that make up a slot game. Many software societies believe Red Gaming to be a leader of the future, and very much take top spot for its creations to come. 

The slot itself has over 4096 ways to win, and yes while there are slots with more opportunities, and slots with less, it fits perfectly with the genre and the overall vibe of the slot theme. Whenever you manage to make a winning combination, you will find a ninja will leap across the reels and slash even more symbols away, to boost your score and win. The bonus features of course yet again, provide more Ninja insights, with scatter symbols and wild symbols all following the ancient oriental themes that we are so accustomed to. Not only is this slot super entertaining, the slot pays really well and has entertaining ways of keeping you engaged and in with the gameplay. You certainly will not regret playing this one at all!