Betting on ice hockey and basketball has always been a favoured option for fans of sport in Canada but an increasing amount of people are discovering the benefits of having a flutter on MMA also. 

In fact, MMA has become a huge betting sport in the country as its global appeal continues to rise and the big fights regularly captivate humongous audiences. But how do people bet on MMA in Canada? Is there anything you need to keep in mind before jumping in yourself?

Of course, betting isn’t always guaranteed to pay off, but it can certainly result in a number of wins if you can nail down a strategy early on and stick to it.

For example, it’s potentially worthwhile taking out any emotion when making a betting decision. We all want to back our favourite fighters and punt on them to win every fight they take part in, but it doesn’t always work that way. 

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That’s exactly why people place bets, though, because they become emotionally invested in specific fights and want to show support for the fighter they follow. 

MMA fights are on offer at an impressively regular basis too, as both Bellator MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship continue to promote huge main events. 

The media plays its part too as fights get hyped up, experts make their predictions, and social media continues to generate endless debate among fans of the sport. As such, this type of coverage can help people when it comes to betting on MMA. 

The most popular betting options

Before you can bet on MMA, you will need to join a legal Canadian sports betting site. We recommend checking out this list of the best MMA/UFC sportsbooks in Canada while taking advantage of the high-value new customer sign up offers.

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Once you have picked a reputable Canadian sportsbook to place a bet with ahead of a momentous match-up, the go-to option for most fans of the sport is to bet on the outright winner of the fight, although you can also bet on a number of other aspects of a fight too, perhaps by choosing the exact round the fight will end in or selecting the correct method of victory, be it a KO, submission, or on points. 

Selecting the overall winner of a bout is called a moneyline bet or a match bet and essentially gives the bettor the win if they choose the correct winner. The winner can achieve their win by any means necessary as long as the win is secured.

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Another popular choice for people who bet on MMA is by placing a parlay, accumulator or multiplier bet ahead of the main event. In essence, employing this particular technique allow you to back more than one fighter. 

For example, if you think two fighters are going to win in a particular evening then you can back in a joint bet. Should one lose, though, then you have to. Whether it’s two, three or four fighters you decide to bet on, they all need to win. 

Other common options 

Other common betting options include betting on decision victories. For instance, MMA fans can choose whether a fighter will win by unanimous decision, a split decision, or a majority decision.

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