Bad Blood: UFC’s Seven Best Trash Talk Battles

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5) Michael Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold

Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold weren’t fond of each other when they met for a first time in Nov. 2014, but the trash talk between the two reached new heights when they met for a second time last June with Rockhold’s then held middleweight title on the line.

Although Bisping accepted the bout on rather short notice, it didn’t take long for the verbal warfare to begin with Rockhold saying that he would retire “The Count” and Bisping accusing Rockhold of dodging contenders. To make matters even more entertaining the bad blood continued to pour over into the post-fight press conference after Bisping had stunned Rockhold to steal the belt.

“The Count” has always been a polarizing trash talker and Rockhold served as the right partner to provide a true battle.

Check out some of their best exchanges below courtesy of

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