Anderson Silva Aims To Give His Best Performance Like His Idols

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Anderson “Braddock” Silva’s knowledge of martial arts was limited to the action movies he watched growing up. His friend introduced him to the sport at a young age and he immediately fell in love. He continued to train and mastered the art of kickboxing until he earned the Brazilian National Kickboxing Title.

Now, Silva will face a formidable opponent in Tarik Khbabez, a two-time SUPERKOMBAT Heavyweight World Champion, at ONE: LEGENDARY QUEST on 15 June at the Baoshan Arena in Shanghai.

“When a friend introduced me to martial arts, it was love at first sight. To this day, I have always trained,” Silva said.

“I started kickboxing at the age of 12, and at the time, I had no idea what kickboxing was. I came from a very humble family, and I could not train in martial arts because we could not afford to pay for training sessions. All I knew about martial arts was what I saw on TV as a kid, characters in Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bruce Lee movies, that was all I knew about it.”

The Brazilian has had plenty of experience and success competing in kickboxing matches. Though he will face an unfamiliar kickboxer, “Braddock” is confident that he will be able to stand his ground.

“I have nothing but all the respect in the world for all my opponents, but I have never heard of Tarik Khbabez until we were matched up to compete against each other,” Silva said. “I have faced the best fighters in the history of kickboxing, so I am quite calm and I am not nervous heading into the fight. I do not believe that Tarik will present anything that I have never lived through inside the ring, I know that I will be fine.”

He believes that like Van Damme and Bruce Lee, he can serve as an inspiration to kids who will watch his match, especially when he wins impressively.

“I am confident that this fight will not end in points or go to a decision,” Silva concluded. “I am coming for the finish, and I came here to make history. “

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