Alma Juniku Confident of Scoring Upset Against Stamp Fairtex

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Alma Juniku will be facing one of ONE Championship’s best Muay Thai athletes when she makes her debut on the biggest stage of her career.

Juniku will be first welcomed by two-sport world champion Stamp Fairtex at ONE: LEGENDARY QUEST on 15 June at the Baoshan Arena in Shanghai.

Juniku admits she has indeed come a long way, now that she has a chance to win the ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Title.

“I was 8 years old and started fighting at the age of 9, I’ve been training Muay Thai for almost 10 years,” Juniku said.

“A neighbor next door suggested it, and I have been hooked to it since. I looked up a lot to the Thai fighters such as Buakaw and Saenchai, their style and power and technique is amazing. I decided to turn it into a career when I started beating adults especially still being a kid/teenager.”

Beating Stamp would definitely put Juniku on the highest pedestal she’s ever been on in the Muay Thai scene. She said not even 4oz gloves could get in the way of her and the belt.

“Winning this world title would mean the world to me! If I win this title it’ll put my name up there and will definitely set me up for the future,” Juniku said.

“I’m excited to fight for the title against Stamp! Although MMA gloves are new to me so I just have to adjust my technique a little, I’m excited to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.”

Juniku may be less experienced than Stamp but she believes that it won’t be a factor. The driving force behind her performance and her impressive 24-4-0 record will fuel her to always give the best performance.

“Fighting at a high level will keep me pumped especially in training, I’ll have a purpose and will train hard to be the best,” Juniku concluded. “Stamp Fairtex is a strong and technical fighter, it’ll be a good hard fight and I’m very excited to be stepping in with the best.”

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