Mark Munoz on TRT therapy: It’s cheating

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“It’s cheating. I think it’s cheating. I think anything that’s synthetic that you put in your body is cheating. Get it from food, get it from training. That stuff jacks you up when you’re done. For me, I’m a family man, I have kids, I have a wife and I want to be there for them at the end. I think when you take PEDs or anything like that, it cuts your life short. When it becomes like that, it’s almost hedonistic. It’s not a sport anymore. It becomes more than a sport and it shouldn’t be like that. There’s more important things in your life than that. I frown upon that, I don’t like to ever see it but the truth is it is present. You can’t hide it because it comes out. But then again I can stand in front of you 100-percent saying that I’ve never taken a drug in my life. And I’m going to keep doing that, and I’m going to win like that. If people think I’m on drugs or PEDs or whatever, come train with me. I’ll show you my drugs. There’s no substitution for hard work.” – Via

Munoz revealed earlier that he he has strong feelings against the use of TRT therapy, an oft-discussed topic that only seems to be getting hotter in today’s MMA landscape. Fighters such as Chael Sonnen and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson are two of the bigger-name fighters to fall under controversy after using the therapy. As the use of performance-enhancing drugs continues to plague the UFC and fighting as a whole, the issue of their usage in MMA will continue to be a black eye on the sport until they are somehow ridden, if ever.

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