During a brutal battle between Japanese fighters Shigeki Uchiyama and Masaya “J-Taro” Takita the truly unexpected happened, a body part was lopped off. During a takedown attempt by Takita, Shigeki’s ear became snagged on the top rope. As the two fighters went down the cauliflower ear was torn from Shigeki’s head and left on the canvas. Either oblivious or just plain hard as hell, Shigeki continued on. 

Unfortunately for Shigeki the referee decided, once he found the piece of ear, that it was enough and the fight was called off, Takita receiving the TKO win after being dominated throughout. An unlucky turn for Shigeki who was handed his second ever loss at 9-2. good news for Takita though who hasn’t won since 2008 and goes to 10-12!!

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