Welterweight Marcus Davis is one of the most experienced fighters currently in the UFC. Thirty-six year old Davis (born August 24, 1973 in Houlton, Maine) has a 16-6 record in his Mixed Martial Arts career, and will look to rebound from his back-to-back losses to Dan Hardy and Ben Saunders, when he faces Jonathan Goulet at UFC 113.

Just a few hours before he leaves to his pre-training camp vacation, “The Irish Hand Grenade” was kind enough to answer on six questions regarding his career, GSP vs Hardy and the trash-talking in MMA, exclusively for LowKick.com:

1. According to rumors you are scheduled to fight Jonathan Goulet at UFC 113, how do you prepare for this fight?
Yes it is true. I’m currently concentrating on my wrestling and Thai boxing. I’ve been training regularly even though at this time I have 11 weeks. I am taking a break next week and going on vacation for 8 days with my family. When I return I’m training in Ireland for 2 weeks then I’ll be doing a 8 week training camp with Sityodtong (Mark Dellagrotte).

2. Who are you training partners and where do you prepare for your fights?
Jorge Gurgel, Patrick Cote, Miguel Torres, Frank Mir are some of my teammates. Then there is the whole Sityodtong crew who are either MMA fighter breaking into the UFC or excellent Thai boxers. I train in Boston at Sityodtong.

3. Besides Mixed Martial Arts, what are the other activities you like to do?
Anything to do with spending time with my children. I love to do activities with them and photograph and video tape them for memories so when I’m all punchy in 10 years I’ll have something to look at. My son and I play video games together ever now and then when my schedule isn’t so nuts.

4. What do you think about Chael Sonnen and his public critique of Anderson Silva? Do you think that trash-talking before a fight has any influence?
I really have no comment on it. Some guys need to talk trash to get hyped up or just to sell a fight. It’s an interesting fight of styles. A great wrestler Vs an unbelievable striker.

5. As a man who fought Dan Hardy, how do you rate his chances against Georges St Pierre at UFC 111?
Because MMA is one sport where anyone can win it is possible he lands a shot that wins it for him but if you look at skill to skill and style GSP will take him down over and over and pound out a relatively easy victory.

6. If you were a Heavyweight in the UFC, who would you pick as your opponent?
Well if you’re going get your ass whooped it might as well be Fedor. I use to not be a big fan but now I’m one of those who are caught up in the mystique that surrounds him.