Five Ways Bellator MMA Could Surpass The UFC

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Scott Coker

1. Scott Coker:

The man behind Strikeforce who was appointed president of Bellator MMA in 2014 is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the promotions rise over the past two years.

When the UFC bought Strikeforce in 2011, Coker remained on with Zuffa for a further three years. He should have excellent knowledge of how the UFC works from the inside and that gives him a huge advantage over UFC President Dana White.

When fighters have talked publicly about signing with Bellator, many have cited dealings with Coker as being extremely easy and laid back. Meaning no long, drawn out contractual duels such as the one we see now between the UFC and George St-Pierre.

Chael Sonnen recently said his Bellator deal was wrapped up within just three texts between himself and Coker, basically letting fighters know just how easy it is to sign with the promotion.

To summarize, it would be a combination of things that need to happen in order for Bellator to get to the UFC’s level of popularity. That’s not to say they won’t happen, but in my opinion it would most likely take between two to five¬†years for it to happen.

As mentioned, key to the rise would be keeping a hold of President Scott Coker. He clearly has a vision for where he wants the company to go, and with him at the helm I think the company is good hands.

Do you think Bellator has a chance of matching, or even superseeding the UFC? Let us know your thoughts.

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