Five Ways Bellator MMA Could Surpass The UFC

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Fabricio Werdum, Instagram
Fabricio Werdum, Instagram

2. UFC’s fighter mistreatment:

When the general public sees Conor McGregor walking around in three thousand dollar suits, driving Ferraris and earning $3 million base salaries, they must think UFC fighters are making bank.

That is the case for, but only for an extremely small portion of the roster. When the UFC partnered up with Reebok it shattered the earnings of many of its fighters. The deal saw a pay structure which left many baffled.

If your not a UFC champion or challenger, you will have had to competed 21 times or more to earn $20,000 per fight from Reebok. This is staggeringly lower than what fighters used to be able to earn from outside sponsorship.

Former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum recently spoke out about the payscale, stating he used to earn between $100,000 and $200,000 per fight before the deal came into place, but now earns $5,000 per fight.

Whilst Bellator may not offer the initial show/win money that the UFC does, they can certainly make up for this by offering fighters to bring in their own outside sponsorship.

Putting money aside, more and more fighters are getting increasingly frustrated at the UFC’s matchmaking lately. With champions either failing to defend their title, or doing so against low-ranked fighters, rather than the #1 ranked fighter in their division.

With money and opportunity potentially aplenty at Bellator, it could be the start of an influx of UFC talent making the move.

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