UFC on Fox arena

4. UFC fans getting complacent:

I read a large amount of UFC news and a fair amount of comments recently have been fans complaining. Whether it’s about Conor McGregor having his own way, the UFC not bringing back GSP or just general heat towards the promotion, it seems UFC fans are becoming more and more annoyed by the company.

Once fans get pissed off, they look elsewhere. With the recent signing of former UFC fan favorite Chael Sonnen, many fans could switch over to watch Bellator. It is a prime opportunity for Bellator to use their ex-UFC talent such as Sonnen, Davis, MacDonald and former champion Benson Henderson to gain the casual ‘UFC’ fan.

Without a doubt the UFC are putting on some of the biggest and best fight cards towards year end, with UFC 205 in New York, UFC 206 in Toronto and the ever present year end show, UFC 207.

The question really lies with what happens after that? Rumors are swirling that Conor McGregor will be taking 1-2 years away from the sport after UFC 205, George St-Pierre seemingly can’t strike a deal to return and if Ronda Rousey loses on here return, the UFC’s star power could be in big, big trouble.