5. Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Silva vs Bisping-Weigh Ins

Bisping is in the prime of his career, defending his UFC middleweight title at UFC 204 in a war with Dan Henderson, the Brit will now want to push on and cement his legacy.

Silva is coming off two losses, one of them being a razor close decision loss to Bisping himself, but I don’t see a reason not to make this fight.

The rest of the division is tied up, the fight gives Bisping a chance to silence the many critics he still has by again defeating one of the greatest of all time, whilst Silva would look to regain the title he once held for seven year straight.

The fight may lack anticipation¬†given the previous meeting between the two wasn’t so long ago, but it was such a close decision that a rematch makes sense whilst the other top contenders in the division fight between themselves to determine the actual #1 contender.