12 Times MMA Stars’ Corners Threw In The Towel

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Nate Diaz Josh Thomson

Nate Diaz Vs Josh Thomson

The Diaz brothers are renowned for being as tough as they come, so it may come as a surprise that Nick Diaz threw in the towel for his brother Nate when he fought Josh Thomson at UFC On FOX 7 back in 2013.

Diaz had never been stopped by either strikes or submission in his entire 24-fight career heading into this encounter, but he found the goings tough against the former Strikeforce lightweight champion.

Diaz had shown his excellent chin in the opening round, shrugging off two big head kicks, but when he ducked into another one late in the second round, it badly staggered him.

Thomson followed up with two punches that sent Diaz to the mat and then started blasting him with ground and pound. It was at this point that his brother Nick threw in the towel, but it landed behind the referee who didn’t see it, though he was in the process of stopping the fight anyway.

“I ain’t mad at [Nick],” Diaz said later. “He was doing what he thought was right. He was like ‘I don’t want to see my brother take no shots. I don’t think they pay us well enough to be taking f***ing ass whoopings like this.”

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