12 Times MMA Stars’ Corners Threw In The Towel

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Cal Worsham Varelans

Cal Worsham Vs Paul Varelans

We move on to UFC 6 in July of 1995 next for a classic case of the towel being thrown in too late.

Paul Varelans had no less than a 10-inch height advantage in his fight with Cal Worsham, and he used it to his advantage by dropping down a hard elbow to the back of his head when they clinched, which sent his opponent down to the canvas face first.

Worsham was out, but then regained consciousness and was able to tap, just as referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy was hauling Varelans off him.

It was only a couple of seconds later, with the fight already over, that an overdue towel from Worsham’s corner was randomly launched into the Octagon.

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