12 Times MMA Stars’ Corners Threw In The Towel

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Shamrock Fujita

Ken Shamrock Vs Kazuyuki Fujita

We round off this list with one of the oddest incidences of the towel coming into the ring, which took place when Ken Shamrock fought Kazuyuki Fujita at PRIDE 10 in August of 2000.

Shamrock appeared to be winning the fight against Fujita, but six minutes into the opening round he suddenly started calling for his corner to end the fight.

”Petey, my heart!” Shamrock exclaimed, which led to his alarmed cornerman, Pete Williams quickly throwing in the towel.

”Everything went white and I couldn’t see,” Shamrock said of the incident. “My heart felt like it was pounding through my chest. I’m not quite sure what happened. I couldn’t control my vision, my balance, I don’t know what was wrong with me.”

Despite his fears at the time, Shamrock didn’t have a heart attack, with his racing pulse being attributed to heart palpitations after the fight.

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