12 Times MMA Stars’ Corners Threw In The Towel

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Liddell Rampage

Chuck Liddell Vs Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

Chuck Liddell was already a star in the UFC when the promotion agreed to let him fight in PRIDE’s 2003 Grand Prix Tournament, and after defeating Alistair Overeem he found himself going up against Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in the semifinals.

Liddell was rocked several times during the fight, including being dropped by a huge uppercut in the second round. ‘Rampage’ continued to pile on the pressure after that, landing a big takedown and then mauling him with heavy ground and pound.

Things looked about to get even worse when ‘Rampage’ moved to full mount, but before he had a chance to unleash more punches, the towel came flying in from Liddell’s corner, which the ref scooped up as he waved off the fight.

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