12 Times MMA Stars’ Corners Threw In The Towel

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It’s a rare occurrence to see a corner throw in the towel in the modern era of MMA, despite the fact there have been clear cases where it seemed like the right thing to do to save a fighter from an unnecessary beating.

However, there’s a stigma attached to a fight being stopping this way, not to mention confusion among some about the legality of throwing in the towel and fears over how the fighter will react to it, which means that it’s generally just left to either the referee or the fighter themselves to make the final decision on when to call it a day.

That being said, there are times when the towel has been thrown in, both in the ‘dark ages’ of the sport when it was actually one of the few ways to legitimately stop a fight, right up to the modern day.

In this article we’ll highlight some of the most memorable examples of the towel being thrown in (both literally and metaphorically) in the two biggest MMA promotions of all time, UFC and PRIDE.

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