Dana Loretta

Loretta Hunt:

No shortage of prominent MMA journalists have fueled the anger of White, and one of the most glaring examples was Sports Illustrated’s Loretta Hunt, who remains banned by the promotion to this day.

Hunt apparently made White’s blood boil with a story about fighters’ managers being unable to be in the dressing room with their athletes, which White obviously found to be false in his eyes, blasting Hunt with the following brutal outburst:

“Hey Loretta, if you’re going to write a story, you f—in’ moron, at least make sure it’s f—in’ true and you have some facts in there,” he ranted. “And if you’re gonna’ put some f—in’ quotes in there, get some quotes from people who at least have the f—in’ balls to put their f—in’ name on it. You f—in’ b—-. F— you, Loretta Hunt.”

Ouch. The story has remained entrenched in MMA media ever since, and serves as both a harrowing bit of foreshadowing and an uncomfortable reminder to the next member of the MMA media who was unfortunate enough to anger Dana White….