Nick Diaz:

This popular but polarizing Stockton bad boy has ran afoul of White on more than one occasion, but never more so than when he skipped a promotional press conference for his scheduled UFC 137 showdown with then-champion Georges St. Pierre.

Diaz was making his way back to the UFC as the Strikeforce welterweight champ, and the rekindling of their relationship certainly got off to a rocky start, to say the least. An outraged White promptly removed Diaz from the main event bout, replacing him with top contender Carlos Condit. When St. Pierre tore his ACL in training and was removed himself, Diaz actually fought and beat BJ Penn in an impromptu UFC 137 main event.

That is actually his last UFC and MMA win, as the outspoken Diaz has fought the best in the world ever since and come up short. He’s now coming off of a ridiculous five-year suspension from the NSAC that was reduced to 18 months, and with the Diaz name more popular than it ever has been in MMA, Nick is going to be someone that the president can probably look past his differences with in order to bring in more boatloads of cash.