10 Worst Movies Starring MMA Fighters


8. Randy Couture – Scorpion King 2

Couture as an ancient villain? Sounds awesome, if only “The Natural” could act.

As fight fans saw in The Expendables, Couture’s acting range is, limited at best. Sure, he can kick ass in real life, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to translate over to film. Couture played King Sargon, the main villain, in a sequel to an already mediocre movie.

And it appears as if Couture’s name didn’t really help to promote the film at all, but considering The Rock wasn’t in part II, it seems as if the producers were hedging their bets on Couture being the biggest draw out of the entire cast.

The film was direct-to-DVD with no theatrical release. Comparing 1999’s The Mummy (of which The Scorpion King was a spin-off) to The Scorpion King 2 nearly 10 years later is like night and day. At least the first Scorpion King had The Rock.