10 Worst Movies Starring MMA Fighters


9. Todd Duffee – Never Back Down 2

Duffee has had a sporadic and uneven tenure in the UFC. He set the record for the fastest heavyweight KO in UFC history, and he’s also been knocked out about as many times as he knocks out others.

Being that Duffee (9-3) has hardly ever been a superstar, it was an odd choice to include him in the sequel to Never Back Down. Duffee sure looks the part, being an extremely cut and shredded heavyweight will do that, but he can’t act to save his life. And considering the acting level of a movie like Never Back Down 2, that’s really saying something.

The film, as well as Never Back Down 1, revolves around an underground fist-fighting club, featuring highly-stylized fight scenes, crazy submissions, Superman punches and other flashy MMA techniques.

As for Duffee, the 32-year-old hasn’t really acted ever since, and to this day hasn’t fought since Frank Mir knocked him out back in 2015. Considering his lackluster performance in Never Back Down 2, Duffee probably shouldn’t rely on a Hollywood career once he finally hangs up the gloves, which at this point, he may already have done so.