10 Worst Judging Robberies In UFC History For 2018

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Jason Knight Makwan Amirkhani
Image via UFC Weigh-ins

2. Makwan Amirkhani Defeats Jason Knight – UFC Liverpool

Thus far, Amirkhani’s split decision win over Jason Knight has to be the biggest robbery of 2018.

In contrast to most of the other fights on this list, the loser of this fight was the one who scored a knockdown, two to be exact, and yet Knight still lost the fight.

Knight came into the bout in desperate need of a victory, having lost two in a row leading into UFC Liverpool. Knight looked like he was well on his way to snapping that losing streak in the first round, as he continued to drop Amirkhani with crisp boxing.

Amirkhani resorted to his stiffling grappling game to get back into the fight, but failed to really do any damage or threaten with any submissions. Instead, he seemed content to hold Knight down while sticking his tongue out and talking trash, which doesn’t really win fights.

There is just no way Amirkhani won this fight, and the robbery put Knight on a three-fight losing streak.

So whenever you happen to be pouring through fighters’ MMA records, just remember that Amirkhani was gifted this one. Anytime a fighter gets dropped multiple times and still goes on to win, one has to question the competency of the judges.

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