10 Worst Judging Robberies In UFC History For 2018

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1. Michael Bisping Defeats Matt Hamill – UFC 75

Long before “The Count” was ever middleweight champion, Bisping was a light heavyweight, duking it out with the likes of Rashad Evans and Matt “The Hammer” Hamill.

Bisping lost to Evans in a close fight, but was gifted his own split decision victory against “The Hammer” just prior to the Evans fight, and it really should have gone the other way.

For one, the fight occurred in Bisping’s native England, London to be exact, meaning he had the hometown support. Sometimes, partisan fans oohing and ahhing at your every strike, whether it lands or not, can sway the most fickle of MMA judges.

That was in full effect when Bisping got the nod over Hamill, who had dominated most of the fight with his wrestling.

Bisping’s victory over “The Hammer” is a testament to the power of hometown support (and bias?), as Bisping would have lost that fight anywhere else.

Worse yet was his response to winning the fight. Bisping taunted the man who essentially beat him, and whipped up the crowd into a frenzy while doing so.

Winning this fight, a victory fans outside of England swear up and down is fraudulent, ended up giving Bisping his first platform to play the heel, something he refined and perfected as his UFC career carried on.