10 Worst Fight Bookings in UFC History

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2) Royce Gracie vs Art Jimmerson

Royce Gracie was previously mentioned on this as someone who should have stayed away from the Octagon, but now he finds himself on the other side of the cage.

At UFC 1, the promotion unknowingly pinned Gracie against boxer Art Jimmerson, who awkwardly came to the cage with one glove. Luckily for the unsuspecting Jimmerson, he didn’t have to where it for too long, as Gracie submitted him in just over two minutes into Round 1.

This one-sided affair was part of MMA’s dark ages as the UFC attempted to submerge itself in mainstream America, but that doesn’t take away from the circus-like quality Gracie vs. Jimmerson possessed.

Maybe Bellator is willing to promote the rematch.

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