10 Veteran UFC Stars Who Should Hang Up Their Gloves


Mark Hunt

Mark ’The Super Samoan’ Hunt become a fan favorite for his ability to give and take punishment like few can, but he’s also a prime example of a fighter who is too tough for his own good.

It’s to his credit that the 43-year-old’s chin hasn’t disintegrated completely yet given that he’s been slugging it out with some of the heaviest hitting fighters in the sport for years, and though he’s fallen victim to strikes by the likes of Junior dos Santos, Fabricio Werdum, Stipe Miocic and Alistair Overeem over the last few years, he’s also served up some significant wins too.

However, the biggest reason Hunt should retire stems from comments he himself made in an article for an Australian website earlier this year.

”I will probably end my life fighting,” Hunt wrote on playersvoice.com.au, before going on to document concerning signs of possible brain damage.

”Sometimes I don’t sleep well. You can hear me starting to stutter and slur my words. My memory is not that good anymore. I’ll forget something I did yesterday but I can remember the shit I did years and years ago. That’s just the price I’ve paid – the price of being a fighter.”

Hunt has since tried to play the situation down, claiming his words were taken out of context and insisting that he wants to keep fighting, but the UFC temporarily suspended him citing medical concerns and though people will still pay to watch him fight, given his age and possible symptoms it would be wrong to encourage him to continue competing.